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11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Wife That Will Keep You Out of

Your Wife deserves the best, for putting up with you, after all. And unless you're married to Martha Stewart, the last thing she wants to unwrap is a vacuum or a Kitchenaid stand mixer. Here's a list of great gift ideas to get you on the right path.

11. A nice, stylish watch is always a safe bet. If your budget is less than $100 though, try to focus more on the "stylish" than the BLING BLING. Flashy cheap jewelry is lame, while stylish cheap jewelry is at least acceptable - even if she only wears it with that matching sweater that she'll get from your Mom & Dad. (Make sure you tell your Mom & Dad what color the watch is, so they know what color sweater to buy;)

10. Pocket Camcorder - Even if your girl ISN'T a tech geek, the Flip Video or Creative Labs Vado are always great gifts. She can use it to start her own vlog, or to capture all of the precious moments of the kids (or cats) you have running around. You can even borrow it and hide it on your headboard in the bedroom, so when you jump out of the closet wearing your Darth Vader mask, the rest of the world will be able to enjoy the screams of terror and hilarity. Thanks YouTube! You can score a lower model for $60ish, but for High Definition recording you're looking at $100-$150

9. North Face Jacket - We're not sure what makes the North Face brand so reputable and stylish, but we're not going to ignore the easy gift indicator. North Face jackets and coats are nice - Pick one in her style and color preference. (You DO know her style and color preference don't you?) If you want to be extra creative, plan a ski trip weekend and get the ski lift pass in advanced - have it attached to the zipper. Expect to spend $100-$200.

8. Lululemon Athletic Pants - If your wife isn't "athletic", skip over this one. Athletic clothing isn't a very good "hint gift." But if she IS, these pants are amazing. She'll recognize that you've done your research and read the reviews. They're about 100 bucks, but the quality and flattering effect are worth it.

7. Makeup - You can't go wrong with makeup - unless of course she never wears it obviously. Head over to and check out the Editors Picks category, or do a site search for 'sampler'. The great thing about the multi-makeup kits is that you're not relying on any single makeup product or color or flavor to be perfect - you have a diverse array of products in each kit. ONE of them has to make her happy right? You can find some sweet samplers for less than $50

6. Winter Boots - Help her romp through the post Christmas depression with some styling winter boots. You can't go wrong with Uggs or Steve Madden. Prices, styles, and sizes vary. Expect to drop anywhere from $80 to $300 on boots. If you can't find the right size or style, we advice buying at Zappos - they have free shipping both ways and exchanges for sizes or styles is extremely pain free.

5. The Giant Bean Bag Chair - Have you sat in one of these things? AHMIGOD! They're HUGE and so comfy. She will likely never sit on your lap again though - sorry. Brookstone has a huge one for about $300. Did we mention that they're SO FREAKING COMFORTABLE?

4. Diamond Earrings - We know, We know - jewelry. Here's the deal on jewelry. Rings are scary, especially if you're not married. Stay away from mixed messages. Some simple white gold princess cut diamond earrings are always safe, and ALWAYS a win. You don't need to drop 500 bones on them either, $100 should score you a nice pair.

3. Digital Camera - Prices on digital still cameras have come WAY down in years past, while quality of the images produced have gone way up! We're big fans of Canon, Panasonic, and Sony point & shoot cameras. Price ranges are very friendly, and most brands offer a compact model that's available in lots of girly colors.

2. A day of SPA - We know that gift cards and things like this are USUALLY considered lame - but when you pick a place and plan a day of relaxation for her, there's NO WAY she can be upset. Granted, the initial "opening" of the gift won't be too exciting - but she'll be bursting with happiness when she experiences her day of pampering and massages. $500 well spent - plus you get her out of your hair for a day!

1. A Netbook - These cute little computers are full of win. Ultra light, ultra portable, and ultra affordable. You can find them in pink or blue or white, don't try matching it with the sweater from Mom & Dad though. Our favorite is the Dell Inspiron Mini or the Asus EEE PC, but all of the netbooks on the market seem to be a quality product.