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Barbour Quilted Jackets For Dynamic, On-the-Go Wear

Engage in sports, do practically anything even in extreme weather with the trendy designs of the Barbour Quilted Jacket collection! Symbol of fine British waterproof coats and quilted outdoor wear, Barbour has maintained the excellent quality of its jackets well into the computer era, making these jackets the best choice for the chilly air of fall, icy winter and frosting days of early spring wear.


The finely sewn medium and large diamond quilts in our selected styles form an almost embossed diamond around these jackets, adding stability and strength. Dark colours in brown and black are well suited for winter, acting as added insulation.


Take a glance at our list of the well-liked designs that are among the popular choices in our jackets and coats collection.

(a) Barbour Matt Barnes Quilted Tailor Fit Jacket (brown)

(b) The long length of the jacket serves as good cover and its yoke detail at the back anchors the design well, giving it a charm all its own. The inner collar stands because it's made of corduroy, adding to its appeal while the two inch box quilt in soft polyester wadding makes for a warm hug in winter.

(c) Barbour Chelsea Sports Quilt Jacket

(d) The trim cut in machine wash specifications in soft polyester wadding makes this jacket the ultimate choice for the great outdoors. Relatively low maintenance needed and provides maximum warmth for cold temperatures.

(e) Barbour Lakeside Quilted Jacket (red, navy)

(f) The soft polyester wadding in the diamond quilt aside from the corduroy inner funnel collar and two-way front zip in this jacket remain in style for warmth in winter and spring.

(g) Barbour Quilted Classic Liddesdale Jacket (black)

(h) This classic design with its full Barbour branded button front fastening and large front pockets remains popular with its corduroy collar and inner zipped pocket.

(i) Barbour Quilted Finchley Matt Slimmer Cut Jacket (olive)

(j) The slender cut design make this jacket exceptionally contemporary while the incorporated soft polyester wadding gives extra comfort and heat in severe temperature.

(k) Barbour Quilted Fastback Jacket (navy, black)

(l) Cut in the fashionable lightweight short blouse on quilt design, this jacket comes with elastic sleeves, and zipped lower pockets. Great for the style driven outdoor fad while maintaining practicality.

(m) Barbour Knightsbridge Quilted Jacket (dark brown, black)

(n) Outsized diamond quilt is the sure comfort and practical draw of this first-class jacket

These Barbour coats are stylish, fashionable, durable and of high quality! Over time the fabric softens and makes it more soft and comfortable.

To best provide the right jacket for the exact size you are looking for, we offer a wide variety of sizes-small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large. The different sizes are parallel to the different measurement and different categories from chest, neck to hem, and shoulder to cuff. The unit used for measurement is by inches for global marketing.