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Cheap Bags or Designer Purses?

If you are at all aware of the prices charged for new designer label handbags and purses, you know that they can cost thousands of dollars. If you enjoy engaging in the hunt for cheap purses and handbags, a quick scan of completed sales of such items on eBay, for example, will reveal that many such items still sell at auction at prices in the hundreds of dollars. "Cheap" is a relative term in the market place for designer labels.

Many people tout the quality of materials and construction employed in crafting designer purses and bags, and there is no question that is true. They say that this quality will result in a long life for them, but really, how many people who can afford such luxuries are terribly concerned about that?

On the other hand, that quality of materials and construction does work to the benefit of collectors or occasional buyers of cheap handbags. You can be confident that the item on which you may spend several hundreds (or more!) of dollars can serve your wardrobe well for a long time.

Even the best quality bags and purses, though, are not made of cast iron. They can be damaged by careless use. A designer bag that's scratched or spotted immediately loses the majority of its appeal. Who wants to be seen sporting a Balenciaga bag that has a prominent scratch on its surface?

Some simple precautions can help extend the life of your treasured but cheap handbag. Avoid taking your bag on errands such as going to the supermarket. A scratch from a rough edge on a market basket can be fatal to its appeal. A spill of some grocery item can stain it, especially such things as cleaning agents.

It may seem disappointing to have to avoid carrying your designer item for everyday use. However, you have to weigh the risk against the rewards of such use so that you can enjoy the bargain you've gained by your smart shopping for a cheap purse for a long time.

When it comes to actually finding the designer bag you want and making a purchase, do not be in too much of a hurry. Taking your time to find the best deal really will not delay your purchase for all that long, and the savings you can realize by shopping around can be significant. Check out several sites online as well as what is available to you locally. Also, keep an eye open for upcoming sales and arrive at them early to ensure that you will have the best selection to choose from. Finally, do not discount the idea of purchasing a second hand designer purse. They are often very well taken care of and the savings can be substantial.