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Customize Your Shoes With Ribbons

Do you want to add something extra to your footwear? Want to give yourself an edge? If so, then emblazoning your footwear with ribbons might just do the trick. All types of shoes can be customized. No matter what the occasion, you can always find something that is sure to turn a few heads.

Some people are really good at making ordinary things extraordinary. These people would use different types of accessories to make their ordinary footwear look exceptional. Nowadays, people use ribbons to give a new look to their shoes. Everybody can use these ribbons. Maybe that is the time for you to bring out your inner aesthete. You will be surprised by what a few straps of ribbon can produce.

Here are a few examples:

Ribbons for Bridesmaid Shoes

Bridesmaid shoes can become quite irritating, especially if you can't find a pair that complements your dress. This problem can be easily overcome by adding a few ribbons here and there. Ribbons can also give good results if paired up with simple sandals or shoes with thin straps. Narrow and wide ribbons work equally well with both.

The process of adding a ribbon is quite simple and anyone can do it. Just take a strap of ribbon from the set that you buy. Apply dots of glue some distance apart over the whole length of the ribbon. Then place the ribbon carefully on the shoe and gently caress it over the top to ensure maximum adhesion. If you don't want to stick ribbons with glue, then you can even use bow-tied ribbons. Finally, cut the ends as you wish and tuck them in the crease. For shoes with buckle holes, it might be a good idea to use the existing holes as a guide for stitching.

Ribbons for Crocs

Crocs are also quite simple to customize. You only need to punch small holes here and there to form your desired pattern. Then simply pass the ribbon through these holes to get an exotic look. Ribbons can also be used to line the boundaries giving a smooth and suave impression. Beads and sequins can also be added as further decorative ornamentation's. Just grab a bottle of fabric glue and experiment. Ribbons wrapped around the outer rim or the ankle region and sequins attached to the toe area are a few ideas to consider.

Ribbons for Canvas Shoes

You can have a lot of fun with canvas shoes. You just need to buy a cheap pair of canvas shoes and let your inner designers have their way. Plain canvas shoes are an excellent acquisition, especially for the summers. Use fabric paints and colors to create stripes and patterns of your choice. Use ribbons to apply the finishing touch.

Ribbons for Flip Flops

Flips flops may look very simple, but they can be turned easily into very fancy footwear. Take small but equal straps of ribbon and tie them around the flip flops in knots. Try and go end to end. Use an assortment of colors to get eye catching results.

It is advisable that you use right colors of ribbons for adornment of your shoes. You will find a big variety of ribbons in the market. Choose the one which you think would look great on your shoes as well as your dress for any specific occasion.