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Taking Care Of the LV Batignolles Horizontal Handbag

If the designer handbag like the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Batignolles Horizontal Handbag is in question, it is needless to say that one needs to take care of the same, despite the fact that these would be the top notched quality handbag. There is no reason to feat that a stitch would open or a button would fall or the zipper would go bad for that matter. But still, spending on such an expensive bag calls for making sure that it is well in shape and appearance - to make sure that it stays as new as the day on which it was bought. Honestly, ladies need to take care of their handbags even when these are non designer bags or the Louis Vuitton replica for that matter. Carrying a dirty, worn out handbag would not any plus to the over all personality what so ever.

Firstly, to start with one should make sure that the original shape of the bag is intact. The original shape goes for a toss, if the leather is soft and thus it is recommended that one should seldom fill the bag with soft tissues or newspapers to get the bag into its original shape. If the bag is used for every day purpose, then this exercise should be repeated at least once in six months. This would keep the original shape of the bag intact.

Secondly, for the leather fabric like sheep skin or the suede fabric for that matter, use small brushes and use them gently on the surface of the purse or the handbag so that the dirt particles are taken care of. Such a bag if is in regular uses, doing that once a week is indispensable. This would not let the dust to get accumulated and hence, the bag would not lose its original charm.

Thirdly, when the handbag is placed in the wardrobe then don't hang it with the straps. These handbags should be placed on the wardrobe shelve as hanging the same would put pressure on the handles which would make these go bad sooner than they are supposed to go.

Exposing the expensive leather handbags to direct sun light would be stealing the charm away form the same. The sunlight is not too friendly with the sunlight and thus would have harmful effects on the handbag. At the same time, the colors would go dull and the softness of the leather fabric would start to diminish, making the handbag stiff and dry.

When the handbags are not in use, these could be placed in a cloth bag which can allow the air to flow through. This is would be healthy for the bag. Placing the leather bag in a plastic bag would not be a good idea. In case, even a little humidity or moisture is left in that plastic bag, it would spoil the bag completely.

Keep the leather bags away from the sharp edged things for obvious reasons. Though, the leather fabric could be stitched, but carrying a designer leather handbag which has been stitched would not be the preferred choice of many ladies.