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The Amazing Prix Casque Beats

If you love to hear crystal clear sound of music without the noisy background of circuitry sound then, get the amazing Prix casque beats for yourself which ensures that you hear the wonderful sound of the bass without the distractive sound coloration. This casuqe beats come with exclusive features such as durability with light aluminum frame, coiled extra long cable which is flexible and offers you the option of extra length, and flip up ear cups which are featured with the backward spinning ability due to which you can check the noise in the house or in the studio.

Another additional feature is the washable plus ear cushions that are made plush so that the ear fatigue is reduced and you remain comfortable. These ear cushions can be removed easily and washed so that you do not miss the funkiness of the beats. The comes with gold plated, heavy duty adaptor of 1.4 inches to ensure that you are always ready for all types of set up. It also has an attached tether which sees to it that the adaptor is carried along and is always there whenever you need it. The input and the output cable ports give you the freedom of using any cup in any of the right or left ear. It has an automatic arrangement due to which when you plug from one side, the other plug automatically switches itself to the output mode.

Beats by dre features

The beats by dre wireless headphones come with outstanding features. Its sound is very powerful and clear. Although it is wireless, its sound is as strong as any of the wired headphones in the market. These headphones also come with the cable and in case you do not want to use it as wireless you can use the cable to plug in. The headphone comes with a battery life of around 10 hours and it is one of the longest lasting battery around. This ensures that even if you go wireless you can enjoy the music for hours together without any interruption. Recharging of beats by dre Bluetooth is easy and simple. All you have to do is plug this headphone into USB port or computer. This headphone supports all types of Bluetooth such as SBC, AAC and APT-X owing to which you are always ensured of having a stream of high quality.

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