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The Well-Received UGG's Brand Development History

UGG's hideous and cumbersome appearance makes it hard to be accepted at the fight sight. However, it is very fashionable throughout the Europe and Asia because many stars prefer it. The development history of UGG dates back to 1978, when a young Australian surfer named Brian Smith brought a batch of sheepskin boots to the United States. In the past years, Australia's craftsmen were accustomed to sewing sheepskin boots on the beach in New Zealand. However, it was this business-minded young man that daringly introduced the traditional Australian product to America for the first time.

At the beginning, he brought only a few pairs of UGG sheepskin boots and sold them on the streets in New York, with a bosom of enthusiasm and confidence. However, he wasn't luck enough to have a good start, for he didn't sell any boots for many days at first. Fortunately, he didn't lose heart, and he was, to some extent, stubborn in that he was sure that he would make a success. He firm believed that his boots would have their own piece of heaven and earth in the US market one day.

Therefore, he decided to look for new opportunities in the west, so he went to California. When he arrived there, he found that there were already some people selling similar sheepskin boots, just like him. In his first round of business, he sold 48 pairs of boots to 5 customers, which was a good start. It was California's highly developed surfing market that made the Australia's boutique sheep leather boots popular. UGG sheepskin boots became to be a necessity for every surfer when they're ashore.

From then on, from a small surfer product brand, UGG Australia [] develops slowly to be the world's famous brand in the field of luxury sheepskin boots. And the product line includes not only sheepskin boots, but also casual shoes, slippers and various seasonal shoes, which are made from sheep leather of high quality gradually. It's quoted from UGG Australia's president that UGG Australia is a good choice. Once you put on it, you're unwilling to take it off. You are fascinated by its originality, reliability and super deluxe comfort.