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Tips To Find The Best Melbourne Marquee

If you are looking out for temporary structure that is perfect for a romantic setting or corporate event or product launch, then there is no better pick than Melbourne Marquee. If you are worried as how will you find the best marquees then you need not worry, there are many companies that provide marquees on hire for a nominal price. When you are to choose one, following tips must be kept in mind to get the best at affordable prices:

1. Keep the occasion in mind: When renting out the marquees keep the occasion in mind. It is obvious that a marquee that is best suited for corporate event might not be perfect for a wedding or romantic setting. The color, interiors and amenities all vary with the marquees for different occasions. For wedding prefer Perth marquees in golden, beige, red color whereas for corporate events prefer the white colored marquees.

2. Location: The location of the event must also be considered before hiring the marquees. If it is in a garden or a mall, the setting would be different from the marquee that is fit for a beach location. Beach location marquees use aluminum frame which can be easily joined to give you a perfect setting. It is easiest to set it on the grass as on harder surfaces drills need to be made to ensure that the marquee is quite stable. On sand or hard surface where it is difficult to secure the structure, water and ballasts can be used.

3. Interior design: It is very important to carefully decorate the marquees keeping the occasion in mind. The marquees must be decorated with pleated fabric lining, flat fabric lining, drapes, swags, vibrant colors to make the interiors look mesmerizing. When it comes to lighting you can choose from chandeliers for decorating wedding marquees or special lighting as spotlight for the bride and groom or the dance floor. To give it perfect looks don't forget to get the exterior lighting done.

4. Furniture: When choosing the furniture for the marquees it is extremely important to keep the function in mind. You can pick trestle table or top table or round table keeping the number of seating and size in mind. Prefer plush padded chairs that assure great comfort.

To find the company that offers Tasmania marquee on hire can be conveniently find online. There are many providers who offer tastefully done marquees to suit every occasion.